A Dinner and Evening to Benefit Anti-Trafficking in Atlanta

I poke fun of many things, locations and people in my blog.  It’s not to be malicious, but merely to have fun with different situations and pop-culture.  However, for today’s post, I would like to take a serious turn and promote a worthwhile cause.

On April 20 at 6 PM Seeds of Hope will host a dinner and evening that will benefit Out of Darkness, an anti-trafficking ministry of the Atlanta Dream Center, at the City of Refuge, Atlanta, GA.


More than 5 million people live and work in the Atlanta – metro area.  Despite the recession, Georgians can be proud that their economy ranks sixth among the nation’s cities.

But what they should not be proud of is the lucrative business of human trafficking that seems to be flourishing in their peach-treed state.

U.S. Attorney Sally Yates and organizations such as Out of Darkness and Seeds of Hope are helping to raise the profile of Georgia’s anti-trafficking movement.

“A lot of the same things that bring business here to (Atlanta) also bring traffickers.  We are a transportation hub,” Yates explained to CBN News during a recent interview.  “It’s very easy to fly in and out of Atlanta.”

“We’re a city that’s known, to a certain extent, for the sex industry here, strip clubs and prostitution,” Yates said.  “And then we have lots of conventions, lots of conventions, lots of sporting events, (and) that creates a ready market for victims.”

However, a cultural shift is pulling together the faith community, business leaders, and lawmakers to rally around this issue.

In the past year awareness of human trafficking in Atlanta has led to a historic anti-trafficking bill that provides tough penalties for buyers and sellers.  The state of Georgia has also worked hard to develop an array of services and fundraisers for victims, such as the Seeds of Hope fundrasing campaign.

You can register for the Seeds of Hope dinner fundraiser at seedsofhopeOOD.eventbrite.com.   Tickets range from $50 per person to $500 for a table of 10.

So please register and help Atlanta beat trafficking.




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